MATRE Firefighting Services

Matre provides a worldwide Field Service, comprising commissioning of  new fire fighting equipment on board rigs and vessels, general maintenance of Matre equipment, annual inspections of DIFFS, maintenance of major deluges, as well as retrofits, conversions and modifications of existing helideck systems.In addition we also offer in-house repairs and services of Matre firefighting equipment at our facility in Bømlo. 


Field service - a world wide service including: 

  • Commissioning of new equipment on board rigs, vessels or other installations, comprising full-scale tests of our DIFFS/pop-up equipment, foam tests and analysis of foam samples.
  • General maintenance of equipment supplied by Matre, such as turbines, balanced proportioners, inductors and DIFF systems.
  • Annual inspections of existing DIFF systems, comprising full-scale test, foam tests and foam analysis.
  • Maintenance of major deluges. Often performed in collaboration with other maintenance companies, in which Matre supplies the expertise for our products.
  • Retrofits/conversions/modifications of existing fire fighting systems on helidecks, e.g. replacements of pop-up nozzles, piping, foam proportioners and/or the skid.

MATRE Lab/Calibration Service

We perform calibrations of Matre Pressure Calibrators and Matre Temperature Calibrators. Our calibration service can be delivered as part of a subscription, or as calibrations of single units.